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taysir batniji gaza walls graffiti plus face.jpg


Gaza Walls Photography on aluminium print 59 x 80 cm Price upon request. Photographic fragments taken in the streets, on walls and doors of Gaza during the year 2001. A Totenbuch dedicated to those who resist disappearance in their lives and in their deaths. Notions of emptiness, absence, tearing away, and exile have punctuated the artist's work throughout his artistic career. The Gaza Walls Series was shown 2009 in the Taswir exhibition at Gropius-Bau Berlin, curated by House of Taswir, and then in numerous exhibitions throughout the world, such as the International Venice Biennial (2011), Taysir Batniji Solos at Sfeir-Semler Gallery Beirut and Hamburg (2014/2019), Alexander Ochs Private at Berliner Dom (2015), Batniji's Solo Exhibition a MAC VAL (2021), and many more. Taysir Batniji, born 1966 in Gaza, Palestine, lives and works between Paris and Palestine. Provenance: From the hands of the artist to Meine Kleine Mnemosyne in his Paris studio in 2014. Condition: Perfect.

This work is available to MKM guests. Our gallery director A.S. Bruckstein welcomes her guests personally and is looking forward to your visit.

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