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02.12. 2023 – 11.01. 2024 
Vernissage: 02. December, 2023,

MKM Gallery presents a large oil painting by Nouri Almashhour showing a dreamlike garden reminiscent of a luscious tapestry or carpet. Its warm colours and "flat surface" architecture invoke a Middle Eastern flair which is subtly counteracted by the surreal bourgeois objects and people floating through its scene. Nouri Almashhour (* 1994 in Derezzor, Syria) is a paintor who graduated from class of Valérie Favre at the UdK in the summer 2023. He studied at Damascus University until 2015, and participated in various group exhibitions, such as Galerie Grisebach, Berlin, Sa-Kura Gallery, Negye Japan, ZK/U Berlin. This is the first solo presentation of Almashhour's work. The artist lives and works in Berlin. Solo & Friends exhibitions are dedicated to one single work, accompanied by the entire current ensemble of MKM arists. Nouri Almashhour's Memories is accompanied by works of Walid Raad, Elisabeth Masé, Ali Kaaf, Taysir Batniji, Maryam Motallebzadeh, Anita Kapraljevic, Chaza Charafeddine, Željka Mićanović Miljković, Ekin Su Koç, Emin Turan, Patricia Lambertus, Furkan Akhan, Razan Nassreddine, Alexander Polzin, Chris Newman, Raziye Kubat, Mohamad Al Roumi, Maliheh Afnan, Katharina Karrenberg, Joseph Sassoon Semah, Elza Javakhishvili, Eva Beierheimer & Miriam Laussegger, Antonia Baehr.

Nouri Almashhour (2023)

Nouri Almashhour (2023)


Oil on canvas

185 x 145 cm

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