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Lady with Evil Eyes

13.01.2024 - 15.02.2024
Vernissage: 13. Januar 2024,
4-7 pm

"If the face is a politics, then the dissolving of the face is also a politics, which entails becoming real." (Deleuze/Guattari) MKM gallery presents two diffracted photographic works of Berlin artist Katharina Karrenberg showing faces and effaced faces in the context of artistic research addressing the colonial imagination. Karrenberg's work shows two transformative artistic variations of a West-African Colon Figure from the significant collection of the Berlin ethnographer and social anthropologist Heike Behrend. Katharina Karrenberg (*1941) is a conceptual visual artist who develops research based photographic techniques referred to as reflectography / diffractography in site-specific installations. Her work-in-progress projects focuses on the aesthetic, institutional and economic conditions of globalization, with particular attention given to structural violence and colonial imperialism. Karrenberg has held various solo and collective shows in places such as the PS I Institute New York 1991, Sprengel Museum Hanover 1997, Gropius Bau Berlin 2003, Niblock Gallery, Gent 2011, Czapski Gallery, Poznan 2014, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin 2017, Kunsthalle Bern 2018, and many more. Her recent exhibitions include COLONS. Decolonial Textures at Villa Romana, Florence 2022, GHOSTS IN THE ARCHIVE at Zaratan Arte Contemporanea, Portugal 2019, among many. The artist lives and works in Berlin. Her works in this exhibit are not for sale. Solo & Friends exhibitions are dedicated to one single position, accompanied by the entire current ensemble of MKM arists. Katharina Karrenberg's African Lady with Evil Eyes is accompanied by works of Walid Raad, Elisabeth Masé, Ali Kaaf, Taysir Batniji, Maryam Motallebzadeh, Nouri Almashhour, Anita Kapraljevic, Chaza Charafeddine, Željka Mićanović Miljković, Ekin Su Koç, Emin Turan, Patricia Lambertus, Furkan Akhan, Razan Nassreddine, Alexander Polzin, Chris Newman, Raziye Kubat, Mohamad Al Roumi, Maliheh Afnan, Joseph Sassoon Semah, Elza Javakhishvili, Eva Beierheimer & Miriam Laussegger, Antonia Baehr

Katharina Karrenberg (2020)

Katharina Karrenberg (2020/2024)

Lady with Evil Eyes

R_A_U_S_CH_ archive no:

R07_0332_04759 + R07_0332_0469/04771

sister diffractography framed between museums acryl and norm acryl

60 x 40 cm

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