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emin turan klein


w.t. Oil on canvas 60 x 50 cm 3100,- Euro + 7 % VAT “De te fabula narratur.” After all, the most intense dreams are set up in times of the most profound crisis. Ali Kayaalp Emin Turan, born in Çanakkale (Turkey) in 1979, is a painter who exhibits widely in Turkey, especially in Istanbul. 2021 he exhibited at Zemin, Berlin. The artist lives and works in Istanbul. The work shown here was shown in the solo exhibit of Emin Turan at Evin Sanat Gallery in 2017. We are proud to show it at MKM art space to our distinguished guests. Provenance: First hand from Evin Sanat Gallery/Studio of the artist. Condition: Perfect.

This work is available to MKM guests. Our gallery director A.S. Bruckstein welcomes her guests personally and is looking forward to your visit.

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