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Elisabeth Mase (2020) 24 x 29 cm_edited.jpg

Elisabeth Masé (2020)

The Bride Watercolor 24 x 29 cm 2800,- Euro + 7% VAT Elisabeth Masé's "The Bride" shows a capricious female figure, funny, exuberantly creative, and disturbingly aggressive. Elisabeth Masé's "Bride" opens a discourse on female (sexual) desire, unleashed artistic creativity, and a stunning embrace of unconscious psychic disorders. Elisabeth Masé is an interdisciplinary artist and novelist, painter, and draftswoman. She writes fiction, makes objects, creates communities, and produces choreographies and artistic films. Provenance: First hand from the studio of the artist. Framed. Condition: Perfect.

This work is available to MKM guests. Our gallery director A.S. Bruckstein welcomes her guests personally and is looking forward to your visit.

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