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Tracing Heidegger's Hut and Paul Celan's Clouds

27.05. - 01.07.2023
Vernissage: 27 May, 2023, 4-7 pm

Beneath the camouflage of art, it is important to remember the famous meeting between the poet and the philosopher. Recall, the encounter took place at Martin Heidegger’s hut in the black forest, above the village of Todtnauberg, and there, after a lengthy walk among the flowers and the trees, the poet wrote one single line in the philosopher’s guest book: Ins Huttenbuch, mit dem Blick auf den Brunnenstern, mit einer Hoffnung auf ein kommendes Wort im Herzen. Am 25. Juli 1967/ Paul Celan Joseph Sassoon Semah Joseph Sassoon Semah was born 1948 in Baghdad. He is a widely exhibited artist who lives and works in Amsterdam. For his extensive exhibition history visit the artist's website at . This exhibition is the second in the series of MKM exhibitions called SOLO & FRIENDS. They are dedicated to one single work, accompanied by the current ensemble of MKM artists. Sassoon Semah's Martin Heidegger's Hut and Paul Celan's Clouds [...] is accompanied by works of Walid Raad, Ali Kaaf, Taysir Batniji, Maryam Motallebzadeh, Željka Mićanović Miljković, Ekin Su Koç, Emin Turan, Elisabeth Masé, Patricia Lambertus, Furkan Akhan, Razan Nassreddine, Alexander Polzin, Chris Newman, Raziye Kubat, Mohamad Al Roumi, Maliheh Afnan, Katharina Karrenberg, Joseph Sassoon Semah, Elza Javakhishvili, Eva Beierheimer & Miriam Laussegger, Antonia Baehr, Ana Sontag. MKM GALLERY Schillerstraße 15 (4th floor) Berlin - Charlottenburg

Open to visitors upon appointment.

Gallery director A.S. Bruckstein hosts all her guests personally.

Joseph Sassoon Semah (2010)
Tracing Martin Heidegger's Hut and Paul Celan's Clouds [...]
Tracing paper, black ink, white thread, Richard Wagner sheet music
49 x 39 cm

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