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Alexander Polzin - 'Coupe II'  Norbert Banik 3759.jpg


Couple II edition 23/55 Bronze 25 x 4 x 5 cm 2300,- Euro + 7 % VAT "Creating a sense of time that appears to be fixed in the moment." Alexander Polzin Alexander Polzin, born 1973 in Berlin, originally trained as a stonemason. He enjoys an international career as a sculptor, painter, stage designer and opera director. In addition, Polzin develops unique collaborations with writers, composers, musicians, choreographers and scholars from all over the world. We are proud to show this work at MKM art space to our distinguished guests. Provenance: First hand from the studio of the artist. Condition: Perfect.

This work is available to MKM guests. Our gallery director A.S. Bruckstein welcomes her guests personally and is looking forward to your visit.

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